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    • Q. What is scampi?

      Scampi, or langoustines as they’re sometimes known in frilly circles, are small crustaceans that are members of the lobster family. Their scientific name is Nephrops norvegicus (but ‘scampi’ is a bit catchier, so that’s what we put on our packs!).

      We think scampi are the forgotten jewels of the sea. Try one at its best and it’s like tasting a fresh, sea-sweet breeze. We’ve been catching them off the coast of the British Isles for decades and bringing them back to Whitby, the home of scampi. We’re on a mission to reinstate scampi as one of Britain’s best-loved dishes.

    • Q. Where is Whitby?

      Whitby is a town in North Yorkshire – an ancient fishing port with a rich and fascinating history, tucked between the Yorkshire moors and the sea. It’s famous for its top class fish and chip shops, where our scampi is served up to discerning seafood-scoffers every day.

    • Q. Why are you ‘bloomin’ special’?

      We’re seafood fanatics; buccaneers with Yorkshire spirit who won’t rest until we’ve conquered the world with our beautiful British scampi.

      We’re obsessed with quality and use the very best ingredients to make sure our scampi and other seafood tastes absolutely tip-top. As far as we’re concerned, you can’t buy better.

    • Q. Why has your packaging changed?

      We think we’ve got a great story to tell, but our old packs weren’t shouting about it quite enough. We’re a family business based in Whitby – a real place with real fishing heritage and lots of fascinating history. So, we decided to take the picture of scampi off the pack (well, you already know what that looks like!) and use the space to tell you about more important things, like our brilliant hometown, how our scampi is made and where is comes from.

    • Q. What’s your full product range and where can I buy them?

      You’ll find us in all the big supermarkets – Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and Booths, and in frozen specialists like Farm Foods. You’ll also find lots of our products on Ocado. If you can’t find our seafood where you get your groceries, please do mention it to the shop. Customer demand has helped us hugely in the past, and as an independent family business, we’re always grateful for the support.

    • Q. Is your scampi British?

      Yes. We catch our scampi in the waters around the British Isles and carefully prepare them with our tasty golden crumb here in Whitby, North Yorkshire. We also have sites in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland and in Galloway, Scotland.

    • Q. Why do you mix fish with scampi in some of your Bites?

      We find that some kiddies prefer the more delicate flavour and soft texture of this combination. Scampi and fish mixed together is delicious, healthy and a touch more affordable than whole scampi tails. Brilliant for kids’ parties!

    • Q. What is the difference between the yellow hut, orange hut and green hut scampi packs?

      When we launched our new packs, one of our aims was to make each one really bold and distinctive, so you can tell the different products apart. The yellow hut is our Whitby Whole Scampi – whole, plump langoustine tails covered with a crisp, golden crumb. If you want the best of the best, this is it!

      The orange hut contains langoustine tails that are formed with scampi from more than one scampi tail, then covered in our crisp, golden crumb.

      The green hut (Seashore Scampi or Yorkshire Scampi) is a tasty mixture of scampi and cod, covered in lovely, crisp breadcrumbs.

    • Q. What is basa?

      Basa is a sustainable, succulent white fish cultivated in south-east Asia. It has a delicious mild flavour and light texture. Give it a try!

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