Facing Fishy Rumours – Dispelling Seafood Myths


Over the years, lots of rumours have been spread about scampi and its friends. Well, we’re here to uncover the truth and find out whether these statements are fact… or fishion.

Seafood is difficult to cook and can easily cause food poisoning

Fishion! We have made our coated seafood super easy to cook and enjoy! And as for food poisoning, as long as you follow the cooking instructions on the pack you’ll be perfectly safe.

Coated seafood is bad for you

False! Not our coated seafood, anyway. Our seafood is a great source of protein, which helps you maintain muscle mass and promotes muscle growth. 

Fresh fish is better than frozen

You may think that fresh is always the better option. With fish, that’s not necessarily the case. When fish is caught, it’s frozen almost immediately, locking in all its flavour, texture and nutrition. So, frozen is sometimes the best way to go!

Fishing is not sustainable and is bad for the environment

Incorrect. We source all our seafood responsibly and where challenges are identified within fisheries, we work with our partners on the issues to improve its credentials. 

Find out more about the sustainability of our products here.

All seafood is imported and not locally sourced

Not our bloomin’ special scampi! We catch our scampi in the waters around the British Isles and carefully prepare them with our tasty golden crumb here in Whitby. We also have a sister site in Kilkeel, Northern Ireland.

All seafood smells bad

We can’t say for sure that this is just a fishous rumour, but we certainly love the sea-sweet smell of our products!

There you have it! Not only is seafood bloomin’ delicious, but it’s also easy to make and packed full of goodness! So, the fishous rumours can be laid to rest.