Welcome to Whitby

Welcome to Whitby

This traditional British fishing port is home to our HQ and is full of fascinating history.

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Whitby Abbey

This ancient Benedictine abbey has an eerie magnificence that helped to inspire Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Legend has is that a plague of snakes once descended here, which were turned into ammonites by St Hilda of Whitby. Visit if you dare…mwahaha!

The Ropery

Records show that, many years ago, there was indeed a rope-making business near this Whitby street. There are many other roads with quirky names in Whitby, like Fish Road, Hell Lane, Paradise Row and Stompie Close!

199 Steps

If you’ve got the puff, climb the 199 steps to the abbey for glorious views across town out to sea, and a chance to see the ghoulish ruins up close. It’s also a good excuse for a fish n’ chip dinner when you climb back down.


There two beaches here in Whitby, Whitby Beach and West Cliff Beach. They come to life with deckchairs and donkey rides in summer, and are smashing spots for a stroll with a bundle of fish n’ chips under your arm.

Spring Hill

One of Whitby’s many residential, 19th century roads – this one passes by the station and the local hospital, and takes its name from actual springs of water that once bubbled nearby.

Amen Corner

A surprising number of churches in this one small spot lead to some locals dubbing it Amen Corner! One of the oldest churches is Whitby is St Mary’s church near Whitby Abbey, which was the setting for a scene in Dracula.

Scampi Shack

After a day of pounding the cobbles around Whitby, stoke your engine at our scampi shack in the harbour with a portion of hot, crispy scampi, fluffy chips, mushy peas, and other essential seaside fodder.

Oystons Yard

Hidden among Whitby’s jiggly streets are a number of ‘yards’ – small, neatly-kept spaces and narrow alleys that date back to medieval times, with oddball names like ‘Arguments Yard’!

Beach Huts

Take a turn along Whitby’s seafront and you’ll spot a row of classic, brightly-coloured beach huts. You might also notice holidaymakers sporting socks and sandles – another great British tradition.

Graham the Gull

If you find yourself in Whitby, you’ll quickly become acquainted with our local mob of seagulls. These fellas are a confident bunch, who strut around like they own the place. They were the inspiration for Graham the Gull – the cheeky seagull on our packs!

Whitby Abbey The Ropery 199 Steps Beach Spring Hill Amen Corner Scampi Shack Oystons Yard Beach Huts Graham the Gull

Whitby Seafoods

Whitby Seafoods

Graham Whittle founded Whitby Seafoods back in 1985. He now steers the ship with help from his daughter, Laura, and sons Edward and Daniel. We catch our beautiful British scampi off the coast of the British Isles and we responsibly source other seafood from locations around the world. We’ve even won a couple of Great Taste awards…

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