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  • Shake up your party platter! - The festive season is finally here and many of us will be frantically planning shopping lists. Don’t forget the turkey, don’t forget the sprouts…but what about don’t forget the seafood?! Fish isn’t something we usually associate with Christmas but here at Whitby Seafoods, we’re helping you put the ‘sea’ in seasonal this year! So it’s […]
  • Facing Fishy Rumours – Dispelling Seafood Myths - Over the years, lots of rumours have been spread about scampi and its friends. Well, we’re here to uncover the truth and find out whether these statements are fact… or fishion. Seafood is difficult to cook and can easily cause food poisoning Fishion! We have made our coated seafood super easy to cook and enjoy! […]
  • A top-notch family-sized bag of scampi? Yes, please! - Say hello to our brand NEW family-sized bag of scampi! Our delicious frozen scampi now caters to the whole family, thanks to our bigger sized pack – exciting right?! Why have we launched a family-sized bag? Because you asked! When speaking to our customers, lots of people said they use our scampi for family mealtimes, […]
  • Move over BBQ food, there’s a new fish in town! - Here at Whitby Seafoods, we’re bloomin’ proud of what we do! And, as BBQ season rolls around, we can’t wait to see our products spice up garden parties all over the UK! So, forget chicken drumsticks, boring burgers and standard sausages – we’ve got a range of bloomin’ delicious seafood ready to turn up the […]
  • Bloomin’ Good Yorkshire Food – Yorkshire Day 2019 - Ey up! Yorkshire Day comes round again on’t 1st August and we’ve teamed up with Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion Bread to bring you a bloomin’ special competition to bring one lucky winner a taste of Yorkshire.  Up for grabs are loads of mouth-watering Yorkshire goodies including a selection of Jackson’s soft and tasty bloomers and bread […]
  • 3 Midweek Tea Ideas For Busy Parents - Bloomin’ heck mums and dads, we don’t know how you do it! You really are superstars… When you’ve been running about all day, the last thing you want to do is to be slaving away in the kitchen! Well, don’t despair, as we’ve got your back with three super quick and easy recipe ideas, using […]
  • salsa verde – a fresh, herby sauce - Search as I might I cannot determine whether Salsa Verde comes from Spain or Italy – but regardless of origin it is DEEEEEEEEEEEELICIOUS and a perfect accompaniment to Seafood. I like to serve it with our calamari and scampi as a fresh alternative to the traditional tartare sauce. You can keep it rustic (as in […]
  • before the Whitby winter - The Whitby winter chills are starting to settle in, but that doesn’t mean that beach season is over!…Far from it! The Whitby Scampi Camper overlooked the Canford Cliffs beach scene in the peak of British Summer during August Bank Holiday weekend to accompany beach volleyball and its players, spectators, and beach go-ers of Bournemouth. A […]
  • Our Best British Beaches this summer - It’s the summer holidays! Here, listed here in no particular order and chosen mainly for the proximity to good grub, are our favourite beaches, guaranteed to serve up great big dollops of traditional “British Seaside Fun” along with great ice creams (and Bloomin’ Special Whitby Scampi – or course ?) Runswick Bay – North Yorkshire […]
  • 5 Best Seaside Campsites in Yorkshire - If, like some of us, you haven’t booked your summer holidays yet, and are starting to panic. DO NOT FEAR ??? There is still time to snap up a pitch at a top seaside campsite. There is no better way to shed off the woes of daily life than to spend time outdoors pottering about […]