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  • Top 3 Seaside Cycling Routes - Summer is here (the sun’s got his hat on for at least the next few hours!), and what better way to enjoy the outdoors on a bicycle by the seaside? Perhaps stopping for some Scampi for lunch. As Albert Einstein said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep you balance, you must keep moving” […]
  • Commonwealth Games welcomes Beach Volleyball - Team GB’s Chris and Jake are back from a training camp in Dubai and taking a rest at home before continuing their ‘Road to Rio’ tour. They are super excited about Beach Volleyball’s inclusion in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and have given us this quick history lesson on the Games. The Commonwealth Games! ‘Humanity – […]
  • A woman and a small town - It is interesting that all Western Christianity celebrates Easter at the same time, despite the wildly complicated way of calculating it (see here – confused my gull brain no end) Bu very few people realise that it is all down to our little town and the amazing woman, Hild, who ran the monastery here. This […]
  • Feeding a flock? - Well it is Spring (whether it feels like it currently or not) and I feel like getting some friends round and celebrating, good and proper. What better excuse to get the gang round to mine than offer them something new to scoff? (We Seagulls do love our scampi but as they say – variety is […]
  • Home of Beach Volley Ball - An update from Chris and Greg in Rio. Where they are participating in The FIVB Grand Slam prior to the Olympics this year. Their opening match is against Turkey at 4pm today! (I have included some a photo of them in action – and certainly won’t hold it against you if that is all you […]
  • Weekend Super Food - Sick of the same old weekend roast? (No me neither ???) However, even seagulls are trying to get some of these new-fangled “superfoods” down our gullet (which if you ask me is just a re-brand of good old root veggies). I do like the look of these rainbow roasts though, which includes the supposed superfood […]
  • Beach Volley Ball! - As an ardent fan of anything at the seaside, I love a bit of beach volley ball. As an Olympic year, Whitby Seafoods will be supporting Team Gregory/Sheaf in their Olympic qualifying attempt as well as sponsoring our local Volley Ball Team,The North Riding Eagles, and hosting a one day Beach Volleyball open for young […]
  • Pancake Day! - *Uh-um* It seems I have much neglected my blog since starting it with such fanfare last year. Well, one can’t really expect much from a seagull, we are notoriously unreliable – and besides – it’s pretty tough typing with wings. But as I have come to realise that it is far more difficult to nab […]
  • Retro Party Time! - One of the best things about the 70’s (besides scampi of course!) were the fun family times. Follow our top tips for a great night in with family and friends, complete with proper retro games. The Essentials: Food and Drink Scampi Cocktail Serves 4 For the sauce: Juice of half a lemon tbsp Worcestershire sauce 5 […]
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