What is scampi?
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Here at Whitby Seafoods we’re not afraid to tackle the big questions. What is the meaning of life? Are we alone in the universe? And what the heck is scampi?!
We have been responsibly sourcing scampi in the waters around the British Isles for decades, so we like to think we know what we know what it is made from. But we are curious to find out what you think… When we asked over 500 seafood shoppers, we were shocked to find out that less than 20% guessed correctly!
Scampi – or langoustines, to give them their frilly name – are actually small lobsters. If you want to get technical the scientific name is Nephrops Norvegicus, but we think Scampi is catchier - so that’s what we put on our packs!
We asked the big fishy question and got some interesting, shocking and frankly hilarious answers.
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So there you have it, you’re now educated on what Scampi really is, so spread the word to your friends and family! There’s nothing ‘scary’ or unusual in our top-notch Scampi, in fact, we believe they’re the forgotten jewels of the sea. Try one at its best and it’s like tasting a bloomin’ special sea-sweet breeze!
We’ve caught these tasty little lobsters off the coast of the British Isles for decades and lovingly brought them back to Whitby, the home of Scampi! We’re on a mission to reinstate Scampi as one of Britain’s best-loved dishes! Why not pick up a pack on your next food shop?