Whitby MSC Cod Fillet Goujons in Batter Crayfish

Whitby MSC Cod Fillet Goujons in Batter

Exceptionally high quality fish goujons.

We've made these succulent goujons with responsibly sourced white fish fillet, wrapped in a light and crispy batter, ready for you without any fatting about.

Portion (starter):2-3
Portion (main):5
Shelf life:18 months
Stock code:4041
Pack Size:10 x 450g
Frying Time:4-5 minutes


Serving Suggestions

  • Posh Fish Dog with minted garden peas.
  • Battered goujons and chips with broccoli bake and real ale cheese sauce.
  • Children's Fish and Chips with vinegary mushy pea dip.

Blue Crayfish

Cooking Instructions

Preheat oil to 180 degrees.  Fry for 4 - 5 minutes until golden brown.Ensure product has reached 75 degrees Celsius before consuming.

Angler fish

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