Welcome to Whitby Seafoods - Home of Scampi

Founded in 1985, Whitby Seafoods is an independent Yorkshire family business, based in Whitby, a fishing town on the North East coast of England. Packed full of hearty, straight talking Yorkshire goodness, we pride ourselves on doing things honestly and properly, staying true to our family values to provide top notch, tasty creations to seafood lovers every day.​

Whitby is now firmly established as the beacon brand for scampi and has become the number one scampi brand for caterers since starting business. Whitby Scampi has become a famous dish in pubs and restaurants throughout the land, gracing the very best menus as a signifier of discernment.


Have a watch of our video to hear more about the history of Whitby Seafoods and meet the Whitby family!


So...what is Scampi?

Scampi – or langoustines, if you want to give them their frilly name – are actually small lobsters. The scientific name is Nephrops Norvegicus, but you can sling your hook if you think we’re printing that on every packet..

Map Sea

We responsibly source them from the chilly waters around the British Isles...

Scampi Crabs

...and carefully prepare them with our tasty golden crumb here in Whitby, North Yorkshire.


We pack up our delicious breaded morsels and send them off, with a tear in our eyes like proud parents, to your local supermarkets, pubs and restaurants across the land.

Have you ever wondered what goes into one of the Nations favourite dishes? Our little film tells the whole tale!