Shake up your party platter!

Shake up your party platter!

The festive season is finally here and many of us will be frantically planning shopping lists. Don’t forget the turkey, don’t forget the sprouts...but what about don’t forget the seafood?!

Fish isn’t something we usually associate with Christmas but here at Whitby Seafoods, we’re helping you put the ‘sea’ in seasonal this year! So it’s out with the old and in with the new. Change your spring rolls and mini quiches for something a bit different.

Still not convinced? Read on to find out more…



As the saying goes ‘there’s no show without punch’ and when it comes to our bloomin’ special scampi, we can’t argue with that! Like the star at the top of your Christmas tree, make scampi the star of your party platter this festive season!

Why not swap out your usual chicken nuggets, for these little nuggets of the sea! Our scampi is juicy and bursting with flavour. Grab a pack from Sainsburys, Asda or Tesco, pop them in the oven for the recommended cooking times until golden and crispy. Serve with a sprinkle of salt and a dollop of tartare sauce. Top-notch tasty grub even the fussiest of eaters will love! Plus, we do gluten-free versions, so you can cater to everyone this Christmas!


Fish Goujons

Ah, the humble fish goujon. Perfect for stuffing in a sandwich with your favourite sauce or simply serving as finger food alongside a tartare sauce dip. Delicious!

Why not swap out your chicken goujons for fish at your festive gathering? Our lemon and pepper ones are top-notch if we do say so ourselves. Simply pop them in the oven and cook to the packet instructions until golden and crispy and serve with a lemon-mayo dip. Pick up a pack in Morrisons, Tesco or Asda!

Calamari rings

Calamari rings are utterly delicious when cooked to perfection and they’re the perfect food to serve at a party. 

Grab a pack of our frozen calamari rings (available at Asda) or our chilled ones (available at Sainsburys) and cook to the packet instructions until crisp and golden. Serve with a creamy sweet chilli dip, and be amazed at how many people you’ll convert into calamari lovers!


If you’ve never tasted whitebait before, we promise that after one bite, you’ll love it forever! 

Instead of swapping a festive favourite for Whitebait, we recommend making it a welcome addition to your platter! Grab a pack from Tesco, cook to packet instructions until piping hot and golden. Don’t overcomplicate things when it comes to serving, simply add a sprinkling of salt and a squeeze of lemon. Simple and delicious!

This festive season we want you to put the ‘sea’ in seasonal. Tag us in your photos on social media with ‘#puttheseainseasonal’ so we can see your bloomin’ special creations!

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