Here in the historic fishing port of Whitby on the dramatic Yorkshire Coast, Whitby Seafoods has been producing the best tasting authentic seafood for over 25 years. We have captured the traditions and secrets of making Scampi so it’s the freshest and most delicious you can buy. more...

What is Scampi?

More people ask this question than you might think, it is the second most popular
“what is” question on Google! Scampi is a langoustine, also called a Dublin Bay Prawn
and is a member of the lobster family. Its scientific name is Nephrops norvegicus.
Almost all our langoustines and the majority of worldwide demand are caught and
landed around the British and Irish waters. more...

A delicious, healthy,
fry free addition to your
school menu that meets
nutritional guidelines! For further
information or free samples please click here.

Whitby & Sustainability

Sustainability to us means taking responsibility, ensuring that the stocks of seafood are maintained and that the ocean environment is unaffected by us and the fishermen that supply us. As one of the largest scampi manufacturers in the UK we know we have a responsibility to and for our industry. more...