Whitby Bubble Bobble Red Shrimp Crayfish

Whitby Bubble Bobble Red Shrimp

Argentinian red shrimp is a wonderfully large and meaty prawn with a delicate and rich taste that’s not too dissimilar to lobster.

We’ve coated them in a ‘bubble bobble’ layer for something really show stopping.

Portion (starter):3-4
Portion (main):n/a
Shelf life:18 months
Stock code:2001
Pack Size:10 x 450g (ave 18 pieces / bag)
Frying Time:6 minutes


Serving Suggestions

  • Perfect as a top notch sharer.
  • Add to surf and turf menus.
  • Serve with asian slaw.
  • Perfect on their own with a sweet chilli dip.

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Cooking Instructions

Remove all packaging and place the red shrimp into hot vegetable oil (180°C). Cook for 3–4 mins until crisp and golden.Keep in freezer and -18c or colder and use by the best before date. Once defrosted, please do not refreeze.

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