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Commonwealth Games welcomes Beach Volleyball

Commonwealth Games welcomes Beach Volleyball

Team GB's Chris and Jake are back from a training camp in Dubai and taking a rest at home before continuing their 'Road to Rio' tour. They are super excited about Beach Volleyball's inclusion in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and have given us this quick history lesson on the Games.

The Commonwealth Games! ‘Humanity – Equality – Destiny’

A Brief History

The Commonwealth Games: Previously called the British Empire Games (1930-1950), the British Empire & Commonwealth Games (1954-1966) and the British Commonwealth Games (1970-1974) had its first Games in 1930 in Hamilton, Canada!...and England were the winning Nation!..Booya!

Back in the day (1911), the ‘Festival of the Empire’ was held to celebrate the coronation of King George V…and it was held in none other than CRYSTAL PALACE which of course holds a special place in the heart of Team Gregory/Sheaf as well, being the birthplace of the GS collaboration

71 nations can and do compete in the Games, with Australia and England being the top victors in its history….England winning the last one in Glasgow!

Now its onto the Gold Cost for the 2018 edition!

Making History – 2 Years to Go!

There’s no question Beach Volleyball is on the up worldwide and its introduction to the Commonwealth Games for the first time in 2018 is testament to that!

Massive for the sport, for English and Team GS couldn’t be happier at the news that arrived in early March this year!

The Gold Coast Commonwealth contest will run from April 4th – 15th 2018.

With 2 years to go the teams’ sites are firmly set on Gold Coast glory, and we look to bear the flag of St George alongside our compatriots competing across the 18 sports that will make up the Games.

The qualification process hasn’t been released yet, but once out, we will be competing to cement a place for England in this historic event.

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